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MY HASHTAG company designs professional billboards to promote the products and services of brands or businesses to the most people, within the scope of printing services. In these design processes, there are some features that distinguish it from other companies in its sector. 

These features are;

1-     Dimension

Size is the most important factor in billboard printing. In this context, MY HASHTAG company measures the outdoor advertising channels in a way that they fit the billboards completely and accurately.

2-     Visual Design

The feature of the visual design that will be the subject of the Billboard printing is of great importance in terms of both the brand image and the reach of the brand to large masses. At this point, MY HASHTAG company approaches professionally and designs original billboards.

3-     Vectorial Image

While designing the billboard, vector images should be used. MY HASHTAG company designs high resolution billboards with its expert teammates.

4-     Striking

Billboard advertisement design should attract attention among crowded individuals. Therefore, the campaign message on the billboard should be striking and short. MY HASHTAG company, which knows every detail to the smallest detail, creates a successful billboard advertisement.

Since the summer months are the most active season of the year, outdoor advertising applications are defined as an example of advertising that attracts the attention of individuals and gives the opportunity to deliver the campaign messages of brands or businesses to the most people. Billboards, one of the most preferred outdoor advertising applications, are the ideal type of advertising for brands to make an effective and prestigious advertising application.