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E-commerce, which is also defined as electronic commerce, is a concept that enables companies to reach their target audiences on the digital platform with their products or services. Thanks to e-commerce sites, companies can increase their competitiveness by offering the service they want to reach their customer base online. Today, with the rapid progress of technology, companies are turning to e-commerce sites to reach a large audience. Due to the advancement of technology, it also affects brands or companies and gives them an advantage. MY HASHTAG company designs e-commerce sites with the most advanced infrastructure and the most up-to-date quality in order to meet all the needs of companies in the digital environment with its experience of more than 26 years within the scope of e-commerce service. It has been observed that companies that are new to e-commerce or do not know how the processes work have questions about what e-commerce is and how it is used. In this context, MY HASHTAG company creates an e-commerce site by determining the needs of every customer who needs a professional e-commerce site. With its e-commerce software consultancy service, it offers strategic directions to increase the sales performance of the products or services that its customers want to market.

E-Commerce Site Features

-        Original Design

-        Web Standards

-        Mobile Compatibility

-        SEO Compatible Infrastructure

-        Detailed Product Information and Images

-        Perfectly Working Security Module

-        Advanced Site Search