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What are the Advantages of Bulk SMS?

1-     Informing customers about discounts and campaign messages

If companies or brands are considering preparing a new discount on their products or services, they can reach large audiences in a short time by sending bulk sms. With both economical and effective collective messages, the target customer group is informed about discounts or campaigns.

2-     Introducing new products and services

Businesses that will offer a new product or service to the market can increase their sales volume by ensuring that the customer base is aware of these products, thanks to the bulk sms sending service.

3-     Gain permanent customers by offering special discount codes

The issue that is more important and difficult than acquiring new customers is to gain permanent customers. The best way to gain permanent customers is to gain permanent customers by sending special codes to users to use in their shopping.

Today, it has been observed that the bulk message service has progressed in direct proportion to the increase in the use of mobile phones. Considering that the phones dominate the screen continuously throughout the day, viewing and reading the notifications that will fall on the screen is carried out in a fast process. In this context, the conversion of bulk  messages into marketing and advertising campaigns provides an advantage to every business or brand. MY HASHTAG, which provides bulk SMS service with a 24/7 service approach; offers its customers the professionally preferred bulk SMS service to promote and announce the products or services they need.