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Digital Advertising Types

·        Social Media Advertising

·        SEM (Search Engine) Advertising

·        Display ADS

·        Native ADS

·        Retargeting ADS

Advantages of Digital Advertising

Advantages of digital advertising; It offers brands or businesses the opportunity to reach the target audience they want to appeal to through digital advertising, at the right time and with the right message. Since television advertisements are short-lived and costly, reaching the target customer group is very costly. However, digital advertising does not cost as much as television advertising. That's why digital advertising scalability is very important and gives businesses an advantage. Thus, the brand awareness of the enterprises is increased by making digital advertisements with a minimum budget. Internet and digital advertising space is an unlimited market area for companies or brands. Therefore, it accelerates branding, reaches a wide range of potential customers and provides the best results at low cost.

Digital advertising; It is defined as the process of promoting products or services through the use of digital forms of communication. Website page, social media and mobile application etc. ads seen on internet platforms. are examples of digital advertising. Digital ads encompass formats such as content, audio, video, and images. Such advertisements play a major role in increasing brand awareness within the scope of marketing, interacting with the target customer group or increasing repeat sales. The digital advertising space is younger and longer-term than other traditional advertising types.