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Google and Facebook ads are among the most popular advertising models today. With the rapid progress of digitalization all over the world, businesses find the opportunity to promote their products or services all over the world, to every segment and every age group.

What is Google Advert?

Google Ads advertising is one of the best alternatives for businesses that want to take advantage of the astronomical number of searches that happen on Google every day and increase their profits. Google Ads is defined as Google's online advertising program. The system allows the creation of online advertisements to reach the target customer group interested in the products or services offered by the businesses. In short, Google ads are payments made for the customer to click on the ads.

What is Facebook Advert?

Facebook ad; It is the most effective social media platform preferred by businesses to promote their products or services to social media users and therefore Facebook users. Having the highest number of members in many parts of the world, bringing together individuals of all ages, social classes and interests, Facebook is the most preferred area of advertising organizations. The fact that Facebook appeals to so many people supports a successful result within the scope of Facebook ads. Thanks to Facebook ads, businesses can reach the target audience they want by determining their products or services according to country, gender, age range, keywords, job titles.

Facebook Advert Models

1-     Video

2-     Picture

3-     To Collect

4-     Slideshow

5-     Fast Experience

6-     Loop