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Services Provided in Technology Consulting

MY HASHTAG, within the scope of technology consultancy, determines the necessary IT investments by examining the fields of activity of businesses or brands. In this context, it makes the desired changes or innovations in accordance with the existing system structure. Planning to ensure the security of data and software in the process when the systems will become completely or partially inoperable for any reason, services are the main services and other services are as follows;

1- Software licenses are checked with technology consultancy and license policies are developed in accordance with the company structure.

2- Standards are established at low cost to manage and control the reliability and applicability of the systems.

3- It is ensured that the security measures are carefully determined so that the processes on the systems are not damaged due to data loss, virus or other reasons.

4- Management policies are created to ensure that the hardware and software systems perform at the highest level.

5- Project management trainings are provided by forming a team to support IT projects and assigning a project leader.

MY HASHTAG company, within the scope of technology consultancy companies, provides professional services to companies and companies in order to make their corporate activities sustainable.

Technology Consulting; It is defined as the service provided within the scope of the determination of technological infrastructure and information technology solutions suitable for the needs of businesses or brands, in order to improve the working principles, and the supply of hardware and software components by bringing them together at the point of appropriate solutions, to carry out and finalize the application and commissioning processes of the systems in accordance with international standards.