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Why Should Use Corporate E-Mail?

Considering the latest point reached by the rapid progress of technology today, it has been observed that more than four billion people have e-mail. For this reason, companies or businesses appear as one of the methods that will give the best results in reaching the target customer group in order to increase competition.

1-     It gives a professional look and image.

The corporate e-mail address provides support for brands or companies to look more professional. Thus, it is easier to reach the target customer group and supports the increase in the competition rate.

2-     It has a big role in the promotion of brands.

A corporate email address provides greater recognition and recognition of brands. People who receive e-mails from brands associate their e-mail addresses with the brand. Thus, the brand can be remembered and recognized.

3-     Customers’ trust is won.

Corporate e-mail addresses play a role in increasing the trust of customers. Thus, the click-through rate of the website increases to benefit from services or products.

Corporate e-mail service; It is defined as a service that enables companies to leave a professional and online image in their correspondence with their customers. MY HASHTAG supports the use of all correspondence of companies that have corporate e-mail accounts with corporate extensions by defining specialist mail accounts for their customers within the scope of e-mail services for small or large businesses. Correspondence on corporate identity is made with companies, business partnerships and customers who want to strengthen their reputation management.