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What Are We Shooting?

1- Professional Portrait Photo Shoot

2- Take a Photo Shoot

3- Personal Photo Shoot

4- E-Commerce Photo Shoot

5- Advertising Photo Shoot

6- Indoor – Outdoor Photo Shoot

7- Food Photo Shoot

8- Catalog Photo Shoot

9- Photo Shoot Poster

10- Architectural Photo Shoot

Today, online shopping has gained a great importance in choosing products or services without showing any power. Although online shopping provides convenience to every individual, it also has a negative side. This negative aspect is not being able to touch the products. Photos are the most reliable subject to understand whether the products are really as they appear on the screen. MY HASHTAG, which offers high resolution and dimensional images in the desired print sizes or on the web platform in a professional way without losing clarity, tone or detail, provides service with its expert teammates within the photography agency.

Things to Consider in Photo Shoots

- Light; It is one of the most important concepts of photography.

- The importance of composition is that if the photos taken are to be preferred in social media areas such as Instagram or Twitter, they should be taken with a good composition since the photo area is small in these areas.

-  Colour; color is very important if you want a photograph that conveys every emotion to an object or person.

- Background

- Viewpoint

-  Symmetry