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Why is Corporate Identity Important?

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Why Is Corporate Identity Important?

Just like every individual has, brands or institutions must have their own unique identity. Through this identity, institutions, companies or commercial organizations have the opportunity to introduce themselves with different logos and visuals. Corporate identity at the same time plays a major role in increasing competition by bringing along the corporate image.

What is Corporate Identity?

Corporate identity; It emerges as a concept that creates the physical appearance of companies or institutions, introduces them by concretizing with visual elements and creates an image. Brands or companies complete their corporate identity processes in the best way, releasing them to be easily recognized and remembered. Because of this, there are some questions that every brand is curious about. Among these questions, it has been observed that what is corporate identity and why is it important.

What Fields Does Corporate Identity Cover?

- Brand's Logo

- Bills of Companies

- Signs of Companies

- Company Brochures

- Brand's Business Cards

- Flags of Companies

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Advantages of Corporate Identity

- Corporate identity provides information about the culture and personality of the brand.

- It provides a sense of trust to the customer mass.

- A strong corporate identity helps to increase the awareness of customers and increase their competitiveness.

- Even just one corporate identity work makes the brand recognizable among its target audiences.

- By creating a consistent corporate identity, it supports being remembered permanently by making the brand recognizable.

Corporate Identity Examples

There are many companies or brands known for their brand identities around the world. Thanks to their corporate identities, there are some brands that introduce themselves to the world and are remembered. Examples of corporate identity are;

- Nike

- Apple

- Microsoft

- Coca Cola

- Twitter

- Samsung