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What is E-Commerce?

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What is E-Commerce?

Today, e-commerce emerges as the concept of online commerce, which has become popular with the rapid advancement of technology. When examined within the scope of the question of what is e-commerce; It is a shopping method that provides the products or services of brands and companies to be processed and ordered on an online system. The purpose of e-commerce, also called electronic commerce, is to bring together services or products with the consumer audience through online channels.

Small or big companies that prefer the traditional trade method around the world have now started to turn to online channels with digital transformation. It supports the growth index of especially small-scale companies as well as brands with e-commerce physical stores. Thus, the e-commerce method ensures that the target customer group is reached quickly and effectively.

Who Can Be an E-Commerce User?

- Individuals,

- Small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs),

- Public Institutions,

- Insurance Companies,

- Large Equity Companies,

- Marketing,

- Boutique Stores,

- Market Chains,

- Banks,

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Types of E-Commerce

Business to Business (B2B) – Electronic Commerce Between Firms

Business to Consumer (B2C) – Electronic Commerce from Business to Consumer

Consumer to Business (C2B) – Electronic Commerce from Consumer to Firm

Consumer to Consumer (C2C) – Consumer to Consumer Electronic Commerce

Business to Employee (B2E) – Electronic Commerce from Company to Colleagues

What is Required to Establish an E-Commerce Site?

Brands or companies use e-commerce to deliver their products or services directly and effectively to users. In this context, it is observed that there are questions that are on the minds of individuals who want to transform their commercial parties online, what is needed to establish an e-commerce site. In this context, there are some necessary factors to set up an e-commerce site. Here, there are some necessary factors to set up an e-commerce site.

- Domain Name

- Server / Hosting

- Payment method

- Security certificate