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Web 3.0 Technology

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Web 3.0 Technology           

Today, it is seen that the internet has a great role in human life. With many transactions being made over the internet, that brings the concept of Web 3.0 . The internet network known as Web 1.0 first emerged in the late 1980s. Web 2.0 internet network, defined as interactive internet, has been used for about 20 years. In the future, it is observed that the Web 3.0 internet network has begun to take its place to be a part of our lives.

What is Web 3.0 Technology?

The question of what is Web 3.0 technology is emerges as a technology that every individual is curious about. Web 3.0 technology is defined as an artificial intelligence web. It is quite possible to define this technology as a world in which the control is taken out of the hands of the human and the control of the software. This technology, also described as the semantic web, is the basis of all innovations. With Web 3.0 features, it will be possible to understand not only the words that a document contains, but also the meaning it contains. Thus, search engines will come to a smarter position and will be able to understand what people want to search for and what the website wants to tell.

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What are the Main Features of Web 3.0 Technology?

       Semantic Network

       Ubiquity (Available everywhere)

       3D Graphics

       Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

What Will Change in Our Lives with Web 3.0?

Before Web 3.0 technology, individuals were communicating or exchanging data with each other through any contact. But, with Web 3.0 technology, the information that individuals transfer will be realized entirely thanks to the connection created between two individuals.

Features Expected to Come with Web 3.0 Instead of Platforms Used Today

       Normal websites are replaced by VR supported Metaverse Projects,

       Dropbox and Drive as storage space to Storj and IPFS,

       Twitter and Facebook to Steemit and Akasha in social media applications,

       Android and IOS are replaced by EOS and as operating systems,

       Chrome, which is the internet browser, replace with to Brave,

       Whatsapp, the messaging application, will be replaced by Status.