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Responsive Web Design

When examined within the scope of the question of what is responsive web design, it is defined as the infrastructure that makes websites compatible with mobile devices. Responsive web design created in 2010 has quite attracted the attention of people. In the process of accessing websites from mobile devices, the importance of responsive web design arises in placing the appearance of the websites in accordance with the screen sizes, making the images on the websites appear appropriately, and making the text content understandable and legible.

Most Preferred Web Design Dimensions

- 1.170px for a screen resolution of 200px or more,

- 970px with screen resolution between 992px and 1.199px,

- 750px for screen resolution between 768px and 991px,

- For 768px and below the screen resolution is auto.

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Features of Responsive Web Design

When examined within the scope of responsive web design features, it has been observed that it brings with many advantages.

1-     Easy to Use Feature

One of the most important features of responsive web design is its ease of use. It provides easy readability by adapting the websites on different screens. Thus, websites can be easily accessed via mobile, computer or tablet.

2-     SEO Compliance

Search engine optimization has a great importance for websites today. It is a more effective way to optimize the content of websites that are organized with responsive web design.

3-     Low Cost Advantage

Since a single website that can be used on all devices will be created with responsive web design, it is less costly to manage and update the site. When the user wants to have a website, the person does not need designs with many versions and pays a design fee for a single website.

4-     Playing a Role in Increasing Sales

When the website user enters the website via a single device, he or she may encounter errors and may want to leave the website. Accordingly, the website owner may lose potential customers and cause a decrease in sales. But, if the user does not encounter any problems when accessing the website from any device, it can provide an advantage to increase sales.