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Google Search Console

Google is known as the most preferred search engine. Therefore, every website owner has a desire to be at the top of the searches. In this context, Google Search Console is defined as a free service that provides support to website owners through Google to monitor how the site is placed in Google search results, to follow up, how to manage and how to solve the problems that occur. In addition, it provides website owners with many different tools to follow the performance of their websites.

What is Google Search Console?

The question of what is the google search console, which is the subject of research and wondered by every website owner, comes up. Within this context, Google search Console gives the information about the notion of how Google publishes and scans websites. Thus, it provides support to website owners in optimizing their search performance.

Who Should Use Google Search Console?

- Business owners

- SEO Experts and Marketers

- Website Administrators

- Website Developers

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What are the Benefits of Google Search Console?

When examined within the scope of the benefits of Google search console, it provides many advantages and benefits to website owners. These;

- It enables Google to find and scan the website.

- It provides performance analysis on keywords.

- It transmits the page load speed.

- It shows the click rate of websites.

- It indicates the SEO errors of the content on the sites.

- Google gives a warning when the website is faced with spam or various problems.

- It is observed which sites link to the web sites.

- Requests re-indexing of corrected or updated content when encountering indexing problems.

- AMP provides the elimination of problems related to mobile usage and other search attributes.

Which Data Can Be Followed with Google Search Console?

- Total Click Rate

- Total Impressions Number

- Average Position

- Scan Statistics

- Site links