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What is Blockchain Technology?

With the rapid increase in the importance of technology in human life in the modern world, it is observed that the need for information and data security also increases. Firstly, this requirement is quite high in fields where many transactions in personal data in the field of finance are carried out together. At this point, blockchain technology has an important position and its purpose is to ensure data security and transparency.

What is Blockchain?

When examined within the scope of the question of what is Blockchain, this term is a type of database. Also called the block chain, it describes the chain structure consisting of blocks. Blockchain, realise the control and follow-up  of encrypted transactions as a database system. Thus, considering the question of what is the purpose of blockchain, it is seen as allowing the recording and distribution of digital information. 

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What Are the Areas of The Usage of Blockchain ?

·        Health sector,

·        Public sector,

·        Finance Sector,

·        Supply chain,

·        Energy sector

What Does Blockchain Technology Provide Benefit?

Why is blockchain important, what does blockchain technology do, etc. questions are among the frequently researched question patterns. In this context, it provides data privacy services with the feature of securely storing the information contained in blockchain technology. An important point here is that if the data is wanted to be changed, confirmation from other blocks is required. Thus, the system ensures the security of the data by preventing any factor that may come from external factors.

How Does Blockchain Work?

When examined within the scope of the question of how the blockchain system works, blockchain technology has a central system. It is possible to access the data in the blockchain over all computers. In addition to accessing information, it is also possible to reach the information of who belongs to the transactions to be made here and at what time. Since all transactions to be made in Blockchain technology cannot be changed, a new record must be made in the system during any correction process. In this way, it is ensured that all correct/incorrect information is observed while preserving all details. In this technology system, the identity must be created with the user identification number recognized by all networks.