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What is Corporate Identity?

date: 7.02.2019

The concept that is considered as corporate identity can be understood easily from the name as well as the name of the company, the institution, the foundation or the company representing the stance, the behavior and the image of the company or the company outside the company.
In other words, corporate identity is the face of the firm from the inside and outside world. Corporate identity destroys the identity confusion that may arise in firms. At the same time, a well-designed corporate identity enables companies to gain prestige in the eyes of the customers or the target audience, increasing the reputation of the companies. In addition, these effective and memorable identities are also assimilated by the companies, increasing the confidence in the eyes of the customers, allowing companies to take more places in mind.
In the process of creating corporate identity, companies should pay attention to the design of corporate identity and even work with professionals in their fields. Because corporate identity will serve as the signature of a kind of institution, and once the people have been used and after the corporate identity has been associated with the companies in their minds, it will be a very difficult and laborious process to create a corporate identity again for the companies.

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