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Video Advertising

Today, everyone is increasingly facing advertisements. Advertising, pages of newspapers and magazines we read, radio and television with various entertainment programs, wall posters and advertisements on the road, while browsing the web, social networking and sharing sites in a format that is unclear time and place. Advertising is one of a way for a person or group to deliver their messages to a person or group. In other words, it is a tool that provides information to sellers about possible goods and services. Thus, advertising is a basic marketing tool that triggers demands in the distribution process. In other words, advertising is a communication tool that provides information about goods, services and other subjects to people without a direct personal relationship in order to make sales or generate positive attitudes. Advertising Purposes: - Ensure that a product is recognized by as many people as possible - Informing the consumer - Influencing the consumer in a way that resulted in the purchase of the product - Keep the product in front of the consumer for as long as possible Advertising: Advertising requires maximum utilization of technology and available facilities. The main ways of advertising today are:   - Written and pictorial advertisements (Virtual Environment, Newspaper, magazine, brochure, advertisement, signage etc.) - Audio advertisements (Radio, speaker, telephone, etc.) - Illuminated advertising (Cinema, film, television, etc.) - Advertisements made with the goods themselves (showcases, exhibitions, fairs, giveaways, etc.)

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