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MY HASHTAG, which provides professional hosting and domain services, is a company that provides services for the improvement of the working environment of institutions or companies at the highest level. Within the scope of this service, web hosting service and domain operations will be discussed.

What Is Domain?

Domain (DNS); It is defined as the internet home directory that directs the traffic on the web according to the query. E.g; Similar to contact lists on phones. Contacts are sorted by name and include specific phone numbers. Domain services, on the other hand, undertake the same task for the internet. It often appears on the world wide web as a unique name that helps identify a project. Thanks to the domain name, which is also defined as the domain name, it supports the presentation of projects to potential customers or visitors.

What Is Hosting?

Hosting service; It is defined as a service that supports the uninterrupted operation of websites from servers. Server hosting service includes an ideal system for individuals or organizations that need high quality in a professional working environment and at the same time want to reduce their costs. This service is designed to meet all energy needs without the need for an additional investment. In servers provided to institutions or individuals, the speed of service can be measured according to their own organizational criteria, ensuring that all equipment is used at the highest level in the desired process. The hosting service makes it possible for users to access the desired information on the web with their own servers at any time of the day.