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In today's modern world, advertising and promotion activities are of great importance under the name of competitive factors. Attention should be paid to the quality of advertising work as well as the quality of products or services. In this context, introduction film is one of the most effective methods in conveying the message to the target customer group. Introduction film preparation is defined as one of the most accurate and effective communication tools for the marketing of companies or brands. For brands or companies that generally do not have a commercial film budget, introduction films always offer less costly and faster advertisement opportunities. Sharing on social media or various social networks, sponsored advertisements provide support to create a target customer base. Introduction films enable brands or projects to be explained faster and support reaching the most accurate results. MY HASHTAG company has been providing corporate introduction film shooting services to brands professionally since its establishment.

Introduction Film Types

-        Corporate Introduction Films

-        Content Introduction Films

-        Company Introduction Films

-        Event Introduction Films

-        Website Introduction Films

-        YouTube Channel Introduction Films

Avantages of Introduction Films

1-      Build brand awareness

2-      Increasing brand awareness

3-      The brand or business is remembered

4-      Success in addressing the visual and auditory senses at the same time

5-      Increase in purchasing action

6-      Creating a reliable brand perception in potential customers