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E-commerce products to be sold through computer networks. With e-commerce, you can market your products to many more users than classic trading. Customers can buy the products they want to buy from your site by choosing the ones that are best suited to them with their credit card, bank transfer or door payment options, and they can send the products that customers buy through various shipping companies. You can have a free software for your e-commerce site. But the software you will have for free will not meet all your expectations. To give some information about e-commerce software; Free software is almost no cost, because it is used by many users, it has the advantages of being developed very often, but because the free software is very detailed, there will be many modules that you will not use in your system, this will cause extra space in your system. very high. Special software is created by adding or subtracting the modules that you want so that you do not lose unnecessary space. All the features you need to consult with the software company to stretch the software to the extent you want. Not only does it provide you with such features, but it also has a high cost, but if you have any problems, you can solve your problems quickly with customer service.

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