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Corporate Identity

The concept of Corporate Identity refers to a multi-dimensional image study, especially on audiovisual communication. The aim of this study is to transfer the historical, cultural and geographical identities of the institutions, the aims and the ideals, products and services and the sectoral positions of the institutions to the target group in the shortest time and with the least effort. Well prepared Corporate Identity provides a firm with: Firm name to be placed in memory Visualization of company features (dynamism, innovation etc.) Quality guarantee of products and services The first information about the nature of the products and services and their position in the sector Leaving competitors at first sight Corporate Identity also needs periodic renewal. As the firm and the market evolves, the most effective way of yani making the difference Firma is to reflect this to the image, in other words, to say effectively and indirectly, that is to say, visually. Creating an organization and service name Brand Identity: Finding the brand name, purchasing name rights, logo design, logotype design, use of the logo in different areas, the use of labels, advertising and similar applications. It covers. Emblem, logo, logo type design: Font, scaling system and institution colors should be applied correctly in the elements of the corporate identity. Applications of logo and emblem on different materials: Reflecting the corporate identity of the company in the permanently publicized images of the institution such as signage and boards with different usage areas. File, letterhead, envelope, business card design: The rules required to present a strong and consistent corporate identity must be specified in detail and the dimensions and colors must be standardized. Design of accounting documents Activity report and corporate presentation book Valuable documents, check, coupon design

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