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You can use our bulk sms package in all sectors. At the same time, you can throw bulk sms to hundreds of thousands of people. With My Hashtag Bulk Sms, you can make public sms like announcements, advertisements, informations to your members or customers or send celebration messages on special occasions (wedding anniversary, birthdays, holidays). What is Bulk SMS? SMS (Short Message Service) is a feature of sending and receiving text messages made of plain text via mobile phones. The message text may contain letters, numbers, and alphanumeric characters. The SMS was developed as part of the GSM Phase 1 standard. Short messages can be up to 160 characters long.   Our differences? Instant Sending with 4 different Program options, UNLIMITED Origin Identifying and sending originals 1 CLICK bulk sms submission, online from Excel, Word, Outlook, Professional quick support, Online reporting, Unlimited Support to Projects Immediately restore outgoing messages from falling out of the Outgoing Message Unlimited database integration / operation, Free and unlimited use of the Reseller and Web Panel WebMesaj is an instant SMS sending application, no matter where you are in the world. 7/24 Continuous Support What can be done ? You can make your meeting announcements, Special remembrance / celebration days (April 23, Ramadan, Mothers, fathers, Valentine's day, medical feast, firefighting holiday, etc.) can announce, you can celebrate, You can make your special day celebration messages automatically from the SmsVitrini program or from your database. You can announce your address and phone changes. You can announce your social activities. You can celebrate your customers' special days (birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.), You can make a payment reminder (installment amount, due date) for your credit customers, We can't announce your promotions, Dues / Installments etc. You can remind your payments automatically from the database used. You can advertise your advertising and promotions. You can make new product prices, campaigns, balance payment reminders and notify dealer meetings for your dealers. You can report the student's absenteeism status and grades, You can make an appointment reminder to your patients, reminder time / date, In the installment payment to the insured, casco reminder, policy renewal and so on. reminder can do, Car maintenance service times, new models, insurance etc. reminder.

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